Riding Cranes to Immortals

growing fast, it still had a quaint little town square

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"I'm sure you are, because you're always good-natured. Now I wonder if you will do a great thing to oblige me."

growing fast, it still had a quaint little town square

"Let us hear what it is," said Uncle Reginald.

growing fast, it still had a quaint little town square

"I suppose you know that there is only one thing in the world that I want. "Mr Dosett thought that it would be discreet to make no reply to this, but, turning his chair partly round, he prepared to listen very attentively to what his nephew might have to say to him. "All this about the policeman and the rest of it has simply come from my being so unhappy about Ayala." "It wouldn't be taken as a promise of your being a good husband, Tom, when you get into such a mess as that."

growing fast, it still had a quaint little town square

"That's because people don't understand," said Tom. "It is because I am so earnest about it, and because I can't bear the disappointment! There isn't one at Travers and Treason who doesn't know that if I'd married Ayala I should have settled down as quiet a young man as there is in all London. You ask the governor else himself. As long as I thought there was any hope I used to be there steady as a rock at half past nine. Everybody knew it. So I should again, if she'd only come round."

"You can't make a young lady come round, as you call it."

"Not make her; no. Of course you can't make a girl. But persuading goes a long way. Why shouldn't she have me? As to all these rows, she ought to feel at any rate that they're her doing. And what she's done it stands to reason she could undo if she would. It only wants a word from her to put me all right with the governor -- and to put me all right with Travers and Treason too. Nobody can love her as I do."

"I do believe that nobody could love her better," said Mr Dosett, who was beginning to be melted by his nephew's earnestness.

"Oughtn't that to go for something? And then she would have everything that she wishes. She might live anywhere she pleased -- so that I might go to the office every day. She would have her own carriage, you know."